Project 3

Due: Nov. 9

Project 3 PDF (63 KB)



Students will create an installation individually or collaboratively. This project requires some form of activated spectatorship or interactivity in the work. It must also include projection mapping in some way, unlike previous projects there is no required number of source videos. Finally, this project must also include elements that benefit one or more senses other than sight, such as smell, touch, or hearing. You may also include performance in this project if you wish. Similar to the previous projects, the topic is open however, it may help to take a political or social stance, but it is not required.

We will be viewing and interacting with the finished installation during critique in the Blackbox. Site specific works can be discussed.

Students will be graded individually, even if working collaboratively in a group.

Collaborative groups are limited to three students.


  • Create installation individually or collaboratively
  • Engage with activated spectatorship or interactivity
  • Include at least one sense other than sight.
  • Projection mapping

See the resources page for tutorials, artists, and ideas and the Project 3 page at

I have reserved the blackbox for our class from 8:00am-3:00pm to allow for set up and breakdown of work for November 9th


Your project should include but is not limited to:

  • An installation and concept that engages with space, objects, and audience through video projection
  • An element that includes or benefits one or more senses other than sight
  • An element of interactivity or activated spectatorship.
  • Projection mapping
  • 1920×1080 res (should match project specs) for projections
  • Original or copyright free audio and video

On your blog:

  • Proposal
  • Research
  • Process Posts ( min. 3)
  • Artist Statement
  • Final documentation


Project Proposal guidelines

  • Three sketches
  • 2 paragraph description: what and why
  • Timeline
  • Materials list
  • Fill your proposal with as much information as possible,
    treat it as if you were proposing this project to a gallery, residency, or city.

Artist research guidelines

  • 2 paragraphs on the artist, a particular work, or body of work
  • The artist’s artist statement (if one is no available, use a relevant interview)
  • Attach an image of your favorite work of the artist and a few sentences on why you like that work
  • See the list on the resources page for acceptable artists (for artists off that list please see instructor)

Artist Statement guidelines

  • Minimum 2 Paragraphs
  • Should be about why you made the work and your concept – not how you made it or what you made it with
  • Can be written creatively to match the work, such as a poem.