FMX 463-H • SPRING 2019 / CREDITS: 4.00
LOCATION: CASS 126 or Blackbox TIME: TR 3:00PM-5:50PM
INSTRUCTOR: Erica Isringhaus OFFICE: Cass Annex
OFFICE HOURS: TR 6:00-7:00 PM or by appointment



In this project it is important to begin to think about video as a material at your disposal, a material that can add texture, light, and drama. Think about the space you are creating as a stage and consider the experience of your viewers or participants. How will they move through the space or work? How will they interact with you, the space, object, or projection?

This project is to be a site specific installation, in which performance is encouraged (you do not have to be the performer).

The topic is open, but you can choose to tell a story, involve or implicate the viewer, place one space inside another, utilize a live feed, create an earthwork…etc.

Since this is a site specific / performative project, we will be viewing the documentation of the project in critique. Think about what it means to view a video of a performance. What does a video allow that viewing an artwork or live performance does not. Think about the perspective of the camera, think about its movement and positioning, think about composition – what is seen, what is not seen. You have full control over the viewpoint. Is the viewpoint above, below, or inside of an object?

Viewing the work as documentation allows you to also play with making a durational work. If you choose, your installation / performance could take place an hour everyday or 48 hours straight (seeing plants grow, fruit rotting).

You can also consider the disconnect between screens (the way it will be viewed) and face to face contact that a live performance can provide. (Pipilotti and Petra Cortright). How can a video create or reinforce the awareness this kind of disconnection/connection.

You should be very intentional with your post production. Consider what it means to alter the documentation of your performance, how could post enhance or hinder your concept. Could it add meaning? Could it be a way to further manipulate the viewer’s perspective or relationship with the performance?


Create a site specific installation /performance that incorporates projection mapping with MadMapper and a set of at least 4 different original video sampling sources you will transform a neutral space or installation using projection mapping as an element of your installation/ performance. You will need to  document this installation / performance with a maximum of 5 minutes of video and any supplemental photos that might be needed.


Your project should include but is not limited to:

  • 4 video sampling sources of original video
  • A mapped video projection at 1920×1080 res (should match project specs)
  • Max 5 minutes video documentation of a site specific installation/performance
  • concept that engages with space, objects, and audience through video projection and other mediums

On your blog:

  • Project Proposal: March 19
  • Artist Research Assignment: March 21
  • Process Posts (min. 3)
  • Artist Statement
  • Final Project Documentation

See the resources page for tutorials, artists, and ideas

Project Proposal guidelines

  • Three sketches For P1 create a thumbnail timeline (at least 3 scenes, beginning, middle, end)
  • 2 paragraph description: what and why
  • Timeline
  • Materials list
  • Fill your proposal with as much information as possible, treat it as if you were proposing this project to a gallery, residency, or city.

Artist research guidelines

  • 2 paragraphs on the artist, a particular work, or body of work
  • The artist’s artist statement (if one is no available, use a relevant interview)
  • Attach an image of your favorite work of the artist
  • See the list on the resources page for acceptable artists (for artists off that list please see instructor)

Artist Statement guidelines

  • Minimum 2 Paragraphs
  • Should be about why you made the work and your concept – not how you made it or what you made it with
  • Can be written creatively to match the work, such as a poem.