FMX 463-H • SPRING 2019 / CREDITS: 4.00
LOCATION: CASS 126 or Blackbox TIME: TR 3:00PM-5:50PM
INSTRUCTOR: Erica Isringhaus OFFICE: Cass Annex
OFFICE HOURS: TR 6:00-7:00 PM or by appointment

PDF HERE: FMX463H_Project2


For this project, we will take what we have learned in the first project and expand upon it. This time, you will create a video installation using projection mapping onto a minimum of 3 objects. Begin by creating an experimental video installation that fragments time, space, the source video and/or narrative. Consider the experience you want your viewers to have and play off of that emotion / memory / desire. There is no “theme” for this project, create work that you are passionate about or interested in. This project is open to performance, please speak with the instructor.
In this project, it is important to begin to think about video as a material at your disposal, a material that can add texture, light, and drama. Think about the space you are creating as a stage and consider the experience of your viewers or participants. How will they move through the space or work? How will they interact (or interrupt) with you, the space, object, or projection?
With the introduction of objects, or surfaces, you will be asked to begin to think about the importance of those objects and their relationship to the video or what the projected image does to the meaning of that object. Also, craftsmanship will become a factor in grading. Objects must be finished and crafted well. Objects must be thoughtfully installed and deinstalled. Students are allowed to hang objects on the wall, but must repair any damage.


Create a fragmented / non-linear narration using projection mapping onto a minimum of 3 objects/sculptures of your choosing or creation. The video will be a maximum of 2 minutes long and you will communicate a non-linear narrative by fragmenting it into at least 6 quadrants to use as your projection input/source.


Your project should include but is not limited to:

  • Original source video – a fragmented video of 6 quadrants
  • 1920×1080 res (should match projector specs)
  • An installation that engages with space, objects, and audience through video projection onto a minimum of 3 objects/sculptures.
  • Well-crafted
  • Properly/thoughtfully installed, and deinstalled

On your blog:

  • Project Proposal – Due
  • Artist Research Assignment – Due
  • Process Posts (min. 3)
  • Artist Statement

See the resources page for tutorials, artists, and ideas