FMX 213-F • SPRING 2019 / CREDITS: 4.00
LOCATION: CASS 126 TIME: TR 12:00-2:50PM
INSTRUCTOR: Erica Isringhaus OFFICE: Cass Annex
OFFICE HOURS: TR 10:00-11:00 AM or by appointment

This is where information and the project sheet for P2 will be located

FMX 213 P2 PDF


Makerbot Replicator z18
Flashforge Creator pro




Design and create a model using Maya or Fusion 360 that serves a functional purpose. Your object must be usable in some way and must be your own design. This design will be 3D printed in class.

Create 2 images, a shaded model and a wireframe model

Post the image files to your blog along with a reference photos of the original sketches/images that you based the design.

Warning: be prepared to start over multiple times. And be prepared to print your model on the days scheduled for printing.


Objectives of the project are to further explore and develop:

a workflow for 3D modeling


Fusion 360
a finished modeled and printed object


Your project should include:

  • A finished 3D modeled object(s)
  • 2 images (min) of your model
  • A 3D printed object

    On your blog:
  • Project Proposal Due Feb 26
  • Artist Research Assignment Due March 7
  • Process Posts (min. 3)
  • Final images
  • Images of your printed object

See the resources page for tutorials, artists, and ideas at:

Project Proposal guidelines

  • create a blog post with photos and sketches, a description of the objects, why you chose the object, and the purpose of the object

Artist research guidelines

  • 2 paragraphs on the artist, a particular work, or body of work (What do you like/do not like about it? Is there something that inspires in the work?)
  • The artist’s website
  • Attach an image of your favorite work of the artist
  • See the list on the resources page for artists or find your own