FMX 213-F • SPRING 2019 / CREDITS: 4.00
LOCATION: CASS 126 TIME: TR 12:00-2:50PM
INSTRUCTOR: Erica Isringhaus OFFICE: Cass Annex
OFFICE HOURS: TR 10:00-11:00 AM or by appointment

FMX 213 F Project 1: “Simple” form

P1 PDF Here (65 kb)


Choose a single “real world” object and using polygonal modeling techniques you will replicate the object. Begin by photographing the object to create reference image planes to use as the basis for your model.

Create a continuously looping turntable animation and export it to a 1080p HD mp4 file.

Create 1 “beauty shot” animation and 1 “playblast” animation with the wireframe topology of your model visible.

Post the movie files to your blog along with a reference photos of the original object.

Export your model and convert it to an stl/obj file to be printed at a later date.

Warning: be prepared to start over multiple times.


Objectives of the project are:

Learn a workflow for 3D modeling

Learn the basics of polygonal modeling in Maya
create a finished object

Basic texturing with hyper shader
3-point lighting set up


Your project should include:

  • A finished 3D modeled object replicated from a
    real world object
  • 2 mp4 video files in 1080p HD: beauty and wireframe

    On your blog:
  • Project Proposal
  • Artist Research Assignment
  • Process Posts (min. 3)
  • Final videos and reference photos

See the resources page for tutorials, artists, and ideas at:

Project Proposal guidelines

  • Once your object is chosen, create a blog post with photos, a description, and why you chose the object.

Artist research guidelines

  • 2 paragraphs on the artist, a particular work, or body of work (What do you like/do not like about it? Is there something that inspires in the work?)
  • The artist’s website
  • Attach an image of your favorite work of the artist
  • See the list on the resources page for artists or find your own