FMX 210 Week 1



  • Syllabus, introduction, overview, Q&A, P5.js introduction




#0 BLOG 

  • Create your own BLOG for this class (any host site). Post your first feelings of the class, who you are, describe yourself and what you expect from this class. Throughout the semester, post EVERY SINGLE assignment, as well as any relevant content related to the content of the class.
  • Send me an email before next class from your personal UT email account to, letting me know the URL of your blog.


  • DUE: July 16th on your blog by 5:15pm.
  • Create/sign in to an account with p5.js
  • Using the p5.js web editor , create a landscape or a portrait using p5.js. It must contain AT LEAST 10 shapes and 5 different color readings/settings (i.e. saturation(), stroke(), fill().. etc.). Get creative! Don’t forget to explore the reference page for help or the examples page
  • Save your sketch (make sure to name it.) then “share” your sketch. Link the present and edit versions on your blog with a description, and a screen shot of your final image (just in case something happens), and any reference images.
  • BONUS ROUND: create a new sketch or edit your existing one and make something move/responsive.
  • HELP:
    p5.js reference page
    The coding train: