FMX 210-A1 • SUMMER II 2019 / CREDITS: 4.00
INSTRUCTOR: Erica Isringhaus OFFICE: Cass Annex
OFFICE HOURS: TR 12:00-1:00 PM or by appointment

Class MaterialHomework Assignment
Week 1Canvas
7/9 TuesdayClass IntroductionCreate blog, write intro post, email URL
7/11 ThursdayDrawing with P5.jscomplete P5 drawing, copy code to blog and post image of drawing- DUE Tuesday @ 5:15pm
Week 2Vectors
7/16 Tuesday: No ClassP5.js Canvas drawing is due at 5:15pm on your blog. Please post a present link, edit link, a screen shot of your final image (in case something happens), and any reference images.
In lieu of class:
Watch Century of Self: Happiness Machines
and Be prepared to discuss
-read What makes a good logo? / Hidden Meaning in Logos / Bad logo designs
Explore Google: LOGO • Bauhaus
Explore Spoof Ads
– Begin sketching for your logo (week 2)-Design 3 different versions of own logo, representing 3 aspects of your personality
7/18 ThursdayAI intro/ Calligram/ Gradient Mesh/ Image TraceComplete assignments, all week 2 assignments are due on your blog by 5:15 7/23
Week 3Pixels
7/23 TuesdayPS intro– Optimize one assignment produced this week, resize to maximum width or height of 800px. Recompress them as JPG (100%, 75%, 25% and 0%), PNG / Transparent PNG and GIF (256 – 128 – 16 and 2 dithered colors). Compare the original file and pixel sizes with the new sizes. Post them all in your Blogs
– Look for Photoshop CC tutorials on the web and post the link of your three favorite tutorials on your blogs
-create your own custom photoshop brush, paint an image, post image file to blog
7/25 ThursdayContinue working on PS assignmentsComplete all Week 3 assignments by midnight 7/30
Week 4Animation
7/30 Tuesdayroto intro
8/1 ThursdayworkdayPOST your three favorite GIFs on your blog
Complete all Week 4 assignments by 5:15 pm 8/6
Week 5Audio
8/6 Tuesdayaudacity intro // Using the zoom H2 recorderBring your own SD memory card for the zoom recorders
Download Audacity
8/8 ThursdayworkdayComplete all Week 5 assignments by 5:15 pm 8/12
Week 6Portfolio
8/12 Tuesday InDesign: Creating a portfolio layout for print and webFinal due Thursday August 15th @ 5:15pm on your blog
8/15 ThursdayFinal Class: Complete PortfolioFinal due Thursday August 15th @ 5:15pm on your blog

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