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Southern identity is constantly negotiating a duality between truth and myth, legend and reality, history and heritage, past and present. As this duality becomes increasingly more difficult to ignore, this project invites a conversation about the discontented frustration encircling a South seemingly unwilling to interrupt the loop in which it finds itself. It juxtaposes Confederate monuments as a prototype of a masculine southern culture with the archetype of the feminine, the southern belle. REPEAT : : REPEAT is not an answer, it is a question, it is a conflict, it is the affect of a toxic and deeply embedded identity. These videos are not resolutions, they are questions surrounding the things we are afraid to discuss out loud. This work is not designed as a documentary or intended to be an archive, rather it means to affect the viewer psychologically, to get under the skin, to make uncomfortable, to unsettle with rapid, glitching movement and repetitious actions. A lack of location or context requires viewers to bring their own context, consider these fragments, and feel their effect. REPEAT : : REPEAT is dedicated to the current moment of critical investigation and the removal of these reappearing artifacts of southern culture.

REPEAT : : REPEAT is a hope that even though we repeat, we might begin to repeat differently.



REPEAT : : REPEAT was a dual channel silent video loop installation at University Gallery, Gainesville, FL


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